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And then it dawns on you that even though you are extremely happy, even when you got a love, you still wish that you werent happy. At least I do. I miss my best friend. And she cant experience and feel what I feel anymore. I love and miss her


Finally done. Only took a few months…
Hell yea so stfu and just smoke it

Orphan Black Sneak Peek

My Biology, My Decision [x]

Ugh nooooo

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FM Pop Culture 009 - Heart Seeker on Flickr.Flying Mouse’s personal project of Pop Culture design for 2013.
Prints available here: www.etsy.com/listing/151792238/heart-seeker?ref=shop_home…Website | Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter | Etsy

American Horror Story - Youth Juice
ARGHH! American Horror Story Coven was SO good! Ryan Murphy is a god! So I had to design something to show my love for the show, so I came up with this little piece. Youth Juice by Marie Laveau Im pretty sure it would be a big seller… If it didn’t involve her torchering you, burying you alive chopping you up into little bit and god knows what else!
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